Ghana Lifetime: Koo Nimo Learn Musician

From its founding in January 1972, the Know-how Consultancy Centre (TCC) of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, mounted activities that had been open to the general public. Some of these functions accompanied the opening of a new job or education programme and some marked an critical anniversary, these types of […]

H1N1 and HIV – The Get rid of and the Inconvenient Truth

It was a working day just like any other day in the green sunlight dappled forest the Shaman went about executing his get the job done of accumulating medicinal vegetation, fungus and barks as normal. This all seemed pretty natural to him and he by no means truly imagined about it soon after all he […]

The Conundrum of Smart Devices

The Sony AIBO (pet robotic pet) is in its 3rd technology – Philip K. Dick raises an eyebrow. The hottest walks to its charging cradle ahead of the battery depletes. It retails for $1999 US and is out there at choose resources. Up in evolution is the Sony QRIO, a diminutive bipedal robot with ball […]

Harmony in Yoga – The Value of Ida and Pingala

In yoga the thought of stability is extremely significant. There are two incredibly critical power channels or nadis in the human body out of the 72,000 nadis that exist in each individual human staying. Equally of these critical nadis movement symmetrically. One is known as ida and the other as pingala. Ida signifies the imaginative, […]

Relevance of Digital Technological know-how

We have taken measures on the street to the potential that can not be retaken or undone. The relevance of digital engineering is now ingrained in each individual fiber of our modern society, from the least expensive station all the way to the coveted place of work of the President of our state. Significance of […]

Great importance of Training

There are quite a few definitions of instruction but in a very simple way, instruction is an act or procedure of passing on or gaining common information, creating the potential to reason and choose, and generally coaching oneself or other folks mentally for matured everyday living. A lot of underdeveloped nations right now do not […]