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A wonderful strain with an unimposing flavor and an upbeat effect that is energetic without being racy. Super Green Crack is a true sativa. Like a cup of strong coffee, this strain will give you a hefty boost of energy to start your day. The daughter of Super Silver Haze and Green Crack, Super Green Crack is vivacious, thoughtful, and creative. This strain is perfect for those looking to combat fatigue or depression. Super Green Crack features an extremely pungent aroma,  producing a strong skunk-like scent. The effects of this strain are moderate to long-lasting, and a little goes a long way.
Skunk #1 x Unknown Indica
Originally named Cush, this cross was made by CecilC in the early 1990s in Athens, Ohio, before spreading to Georgia and California, where accordingly to lore it was dubbed “Green Crack” by Snoop Dogg
Very dark green coloration, common indica trait. Orange pistils, with a relatively low level of visible trichomes.
A nice fruity, sweet scent with a touch of soil.
Hashy and earthy tasting, just a hint of sweetness. Did not taste like it smelled.
An upbeat, energetic high, great for exercise or working around the house, but a bit spacy for socializing
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