Iguana Owner’s Tutorial to Egg Binding

Egg binding is a problem in which the iguana is not able to expel eggs from the reproductive tract.  It only takes place in ladies who have attained sexual maturity.  This situation is incredibly major and can verify to be fatal in mere days.  So, what just leads to it?

Will cause

There are several, many diverse will cause of egg binding in iguanas.  It can manifest if the female’s system manufactured large or malformed eggs.  Some are born with an anatomical defect that stops them from passing eggs.  If you don’t deliver them with a correct nesting web page, some females will procrastinate until the eggs are far too huge to move.  Other prevalent leads to contain being overweight, deficiency of calcium, malnutrition, and kidney condition.

Signs or symptoms

Expecting iguanas can have swollen abdomens.  Nevertheless, this is also a typical symptom of egg binding.  You will also recognize that your iguana is significantly considerably less lively and appears to be frustrated.  Despite the fact that they will preserve straining to lay eggs, they will not likely be ready to.


Whilst a bodily examination will probable be executed, it is quite tricky for veterinarians to figure out if iguanas are egg-bound or just expecting by this system alone.  It is really important to at least perform an x-ray to make a definitive diagnosis.  An x-ray or ultrasound will help identify if there are any eggs present and their spot. 

Treatment method

The veterinarian will have numerous alternatives when dealing with egg binding in iguanas.  If he is knowledgeable plenty of, he could elect to lubricate the cloaca and carefully try to coax the egg out.  This is risky for the reason that it is generally fatal if the eggs breaks open up inside the female.  Surgery is a a lot more widespread alternative.  Throughout medical procedures to take away the eggs, the total reproductive tract may be taken off to avert the issue from happening yet again.