Who is Sanjay Nair?

I have generally discovered really challenging to clarify this query as I come across myself to be just a smaller aspect of the infinite universe. My existence is just a modest fall in the massive ocean. I am evolving continually and I am hoping to realize my life’s reason as I am spending time in this transitory place termed Mother Earth.

Who is Sanjay Nair: A lot more than the linear window

Linearly if I want to describe myself then my identify is Sanjay Nair, I have finished my B.Pharm & M.B.A with 8 & &frac12 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry with 7 & &frac12 many years in item administration. Thereafter from the 12 months 2007, I am associated with project-9 and the rise of womanhood website as per my soul’s contacting. Following all these a long time, I have recognized very evidently that my existence is “not just about” me and for that reason I come to feel it is really shallow to see myself from a linear window.

Who is Sanjay Nair: Methods Window

When I see myself by techniques window then I clearly fully grasp my objective on earth and how to development to reaching the same. This evolution has been happening until now and this will continue to materialize as I shift ahead in my lifetime. To just give an thought about what I have pointed out over, allow me make clear my educational & professional lifetime until now by way of methods window.

Who is Sanjay Nair: The first attraction towards the discipline of drugs and prescribed drugs

When I was in course ninth, I observed a method on T.V (1988) on pharmaceutical Business. Those days it was just Doordarshan and this software that was demonstrated on Doordarshan strongly designed an affect on me. It was registered in my unconscious intellect in a optimistic way. Immediately after course 10, I opted for Biology, Chemistry & Physics as topics. I designed a natural inclination to Biology & Chemistry and began undertaking self-research on these subjects with great interest.

Who is Sanjay Nair: Fascination and inclination towards Everyday living Sciences and Chemistry

In class 11th when we experienced to post biology project, I created a 3D framework of cell membrane which was adjudicated the very best job in the class and this was the only product that was saved in the biology lab by my girl biology trainer, Tandon Madam. (1990-Kendriya Vidyalaya, 1 STC Jabalpur). In course 12th (1991-Kendriya Vidyalaya, Cantonment Spot Cannanore) I preferred my biology teacher Ms.Srilekha Kumaran pretty considerably. In 1 of the class exams I did quite very well with my paper. This paper I had written with my utilized thought elaborating each individual respond to in depth. Following correction of the paper my biology instructor known as me and advised that I had good capability of comprehending the issue “biology” and I must increase this electrical power repeatedly. She explained that she was surprised to see the way I had published the paper. She mentioned she hardly ever anticipated this out of me. This was the turning place in my lifetime in direction of self-discovery. I wrote my 12th board with just 2 months of steady self-analyze, knowing each and every matter that is biology, chemistry and physics in depth. I scored highest in Biology in the board examinations between all my papers.

Who is Sanjay Nair: Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Following 12th, I had a decision to go for both Lodge Management or Pharmacy. I remembered the software that I experienced found on T.V in 1988. I also remembered how I had a liking for Biology and Chemistry. I just opted for pharmacy (N.G.S.M College or university of Pharmacy, Mangalore) with out any even further thought. My liking for Biology and Chemistry helped me to have an understanding of just about every matter in my pharmacy program in depth and implement it in my principle and practical examinations. I designed excellent liking for Human physiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry & Microbiology. I had excellent equations with my pharmacology professor Mr. David Banjee and I had excellent fascination for my analytical chemistry professor Ms. Krishna priya. I also fondly remember my pharmaceutics and pharmacognosy professors, Ms.Geeta & Ms.Shanti respectively.

Who is Sanjay Nair: Diploma in Management

Soon after my B.Pharm, I made a fascination for serving in the company in Pharmaceutical market. I bear in mind telling my classmates in B.Pharm that I would like to possibly get in the sector immediately as a medical consultant or I will do my M.B.A and I shall get into product or service administration in the market. I went on to do my M.B.A from VAMNICOM in Pune and then acquired into the field. The M.B.A gave me a stereoscopic vision along with my science background. So a single eye was the “eye of science” and the 2nd eye became the “eye of enterprise management”.

Who is Sanjay Nair: The basis a long time

Subsequent 8 & &frac12 several years in the marketplace had been just like magic in my daily life. I have been touring my life’s path with fantastic target. I acquired terrific management and scientific insights in these several years, which I experienced applied through my occupation to “realize effects of magical proportions”. These were the years the place I produced a deep fascination and encounter in route breaking management rules like “execution” as well as great scientific skills to recognize and communicate “intrinsic strengths” of a pharmaceutical molecule in depth.

Who is Sanjay Nair: Scientific insight for the betterment of humanity

In some way new molecules and medicines just arrived in my everyday living waiting to be explored and to be produced into massive brands in the previous 8 & &frac12 a long time of my job. I are unable to imagine now that I was someway instrumental in turning the NSAID sector upside down in India. I have been also involved with cardiac medication pretty intently and even in the course of handling NSAIDs in my last assignment, the good flip all over came for the NSAID brand (Aceclofenac) that I was handling due to the fact of my identification of the cardiac side outcomes of a course of NSAIDs known as as COXIBs and attacking it right with all international scientific proof in the meantime also positioning the one of a kind safety and efficacy of Aceclofenac as a NSAID with extra than 10 many years of clinical evidence.

Who is Sanjay Nair: Attaining depth in the exercise of administration

On the other hand I also acquired excellent administration publications in my hand such as “Execution” by Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan, “The Fifth Self-control” by Peter Senge “Successful” by Jack Welch and comprehended the ideas of approach and execution in detail. I also recognized the significance of Human useful resource management in good depth in the course of my merchandise management job. I not only understood and assimilated but also nearly applied these ideas and ideas in my professional and personalized daily life.

Who is Sanjay Nair: The a long time of alter

The several years 2006 and 2007 was quite dissatisfying yrs as I was in some way not ready to shift toward my life’s vision and purpose. There was a wonderful turmoil in my inside and exterior environment. I learned wonderful classes and made fantastic insights about how I was struck in the vicious and detrimental reinforcing structures partly which I was accountable for creating in the first area. I quit my final career and pushed myself to attain my life’s eyesight and function. I had determined my life’s vision and intent. I had opted to go after my vision with imaginative rigidity relatively than emotional rigidity. This has specified me wonderful power to prepare the original blueprint for “Challenge-9” as well the dedication to put continual initiatives toward the increase of womanhood web site.

Who is Sanjay Nair: The stereoscopic vision of science and administration

As I experienced moved to preparing Project-9, I could enjoy now my training in Science (specially biology & Chemistry and its application in Mobile & Molecular Biology centered Drug Discovery method in cardiac medication) & Management (Studying Business based on fifth discipline) and how they are helping me to transfer ahead with Challenge-9. As I experienced stated ahead of, Science & Management are providing me a stereoscopic eyesight to realize the complicated drug discovery system based on dynamic and element complexity as well as the systemic construction of the generative and creative understanding business respectively.

Who is Sanjay Nair: The “rise of womanhood” site

Further the increase of womanhood website on which I am at present performing is an effort and hard work to choose undertaking-9 to the greater world particularly “ladies” with a message of a new starting for innovative and generative living. The rise of womanhood website shall galvanise a globally drive towards awakening of the female. The development of a mastering firm primarily based on venture-9 will be one particular of the manifestations of this feminine awakening.

Who is Sanjay Nair: Movement in direction of life’s goal

That was a glimpse of “serious Sanjay Nair” from the programs window point of view. There are quite a few additional views. All of them are in any case fitting as per the need to have of the universe just like all the pieces of a Jigsaw puzzle. I am relocating in a magical way in the direction of finding and fulfilling my life’s function.