H1N1 and HIV – The Get rid of and the Inconvenient Truth

It was a working day just like any other day in the green sunlight dappled forest the Shaman went about executing his get the job done of accumulating medicinal vegetation, fungus and barks as normal. This all seemed pretty natural to him and he by no means truly imagined about it soon after all he had been finding out the crops and animals of the forest as prolonged as he could bear in mind. He felt excellent about his operate due to the fact he was carrying on the tradition of lots of generations that went in advance of him now he was a gentleman that persons came to with their sicknesses, illness and troubles. The options were most generally listed here in the forest you just experienced to know where by to glimpse and how to look for them out. From time to time it was the odor or the flavor of air and other instances it was the clusters and communities of crops and at times it was only the lay of the land. Quite a few instances he would sit for hours, walk hours and enjoy the animals often to see what they did because they knew accurately in which the medications were. All the animals understood that the foods was medication and drugs was foods and they ended up permanently intertwined a twine that could hardly ever be damaged. His place in all this was merely to restore the balance of life with things that had generally been there accessible in the forest. He experienced been taught above lots of many years and his internship consisted of numerous several hours and countless forays on hidden paths in the forest subsequent as an apprentice and prodigy an aged wise mysterious odd and occasionally cantankerous previous Shaman. His historic instructor demanded excellence endurance devotion creativity psychological retention and reliable application of outdated understanding, but most of all a refusal to concern the unknown and a duty incorporate new information to the volumes of archives passed on to him. Of system he had listened to there were being adult males with white outfits that drove cars that practiced drugs like him but he could by no means determine out how, simply because they have no link to the forest and did not know its ways.

We have all been led to believe that the so identified as contemporary well being treatment equipment has the solutions to all our sickness and aliments, when the truth is just the reverse. A widespread case in stage are the in excess of saturated Television, radio and internet airwaves, spewing a consistent diarrhea of medicine lotions and potions etcetera. The lotions and potions carry disclaimers that poignantly allow you know that they are not guaranteeing something in other words and phrases the final results are completely centered on the persons belief that they perform, this is why recommendations are so important. On the other hand the medicines in numerous conditions do offer some reduction but are fraught with so lots of attainable facet effects that the potential user has to be desperate and ready to hazard everyday living and limb while hoping he or she does not decide the small straw in their quest for better well being. Regrettably more than enough most of us all over the world have fallen into the trap of indoctrination by the drug firms, wellbeing care companies, their boards of administrators and Wall Road masters. It was never about our excellent overall health it was constantly about their monetary great wellbeing. We are in the same mode and brain set we ended up a hundred many years ago, nevertheless trusting the rapidly speaking elixir salesmen providing bottled liquid concoctions as cures for each individual conceivable disorder or aliment from the back of a horse drawn wagon. The only variance is now he talks far better a lot quicker, attire far better, and because of to the juggernaut force of the fashionable media a wagon is no extended required, multi-billion dollar warehouses, fulfillment centers and tractor trailers do just high-quality. Nonetheless we are not able to escape from the fact, “We are not staying told the reality and the cures for lots of illnesses and conditions are not currently being created available to us and this features H1N1 and HIV”. The multinational company “powers that be” will usually offer us what they happen to have in inventory fairly than what we truly have to have no issue how vital our predicament, they have just about no accountability. Even the most significant most powerful governments are impudent and not able to transfer them.

The remedy for any disease or ailment is only presented for mass usage if the corporate entities manage the most important source, its place, development, manufacture, distribution and patent legal rights as well as political local climate of the resource place or locale. These days a single extra things can be extra to this blend, and that is the insatiable wish of the multinational company to garner limited expression low overhead gains. Therefore it is much better suited to their interests to lower the timber of the rainforests than to realize the rainforest as a renewable pure pharmacy and meals supply. It has become apparent the finest resources of probable anti H1N1 and HIV medications are located in the rainforests of the world’s tropical and temperate areas. In excess of 2,000 rain forest plants consist of substances that health professionals could give to treat fatal cancers in older people (if they ended up designed available). Madagascar’s rosy periwinkle was a minor-recognised species in advance of it was found out to comprise alkaloids that can assistance get rid of persons of Hodgkin’s condition and leukemia. Yew tree of the pacific has a compound referred to as Taxol that allows fights most cancers. Cola de Caballo is employed as a diuretic to deal with kidney and bladder difficulties. Wild yams of South The us are the origin of diogenin employed to make delivery manage supplements and treat menstrual challenges. The stomach and intestinal lining are soothed by the Mozote de Caballo plant. New Guinea’s winged bean has the prospective to turn into an crucial food stuff crop. Oranges, bananas, papaya, cashews, sarsaparilla, Aloe Vera, pineapples, avocados, mangoes, papayas, tea, sugar, rice, maize, cashews, peanuts, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon even coffee and chocolate are of rainforest origin. The widespread domestic rooster originated in Indian forests and was fed by rainforest crops, in specifics the fowl it springs from can even now be discovered in the forests of India feeding on the crops. Rain forests Medications can destroy germs (this involves H1N1 virus and HIV viruses), cut down fever, lower blood force, loosen up muscle tissues, and treats rashes. Vegetation are bold, vivid survivors, that build and manufacture micro-vitamins and minerals which make them resistant to bacteria, VIRUSES, parasites, and these are gains that can be conveniently passed on to us to harmony our bodies, a balanced overall body naturally resists all disorder.

H1N1 Influenza (A) is what can be referred to as a quick destroy virus that has not nonetheless attained its total possible due to the fact it can quickly in excess of run and destroy its host which permits it to multiply fast, but this is not the most beneficial coverage for a pathogen. H1N1 has been intelligent adequate to conceal it self in a fantastic host (swine pigs or hogs) that do not always die as a consequence of viral infection. Pigs are a rational option mainly because of their sluggish circulatory programs will allow the virus to hide and escape detection, although remaining infectious. This is a person far more purpose pork is a undesirable decision for meals, and this is typically echoed by doctors when they notify significant blood tension, diabetic issues, large cholesterol and so on. troubled people to strictly reduce pork from their eating plan. HIV on the other hand seems to be a very little much more progressed or mutated, since it permits the human or primate host to reside for an prolonged time period of time before demise and in some circumstances to survive in the host with no clearly clear unwell effects about the daily life span of the human or primate host. Of class the host remains a supply of an infection so HIV is much more of a slow kill virus. I have to insert that it is mysterious what HIV virus an infection does in swine or pigs for the reason that all initiatives to obtain that out have been suppressed or muted by governments and the multinational pork industry corporations thanks to financial protectionism.

A get rid of for the H1N1 virus as very well as the HIV virus has been identified, identified by the industry experts, but not developed mainly because of the have to have for the standing quo to have total economic regulate. The shock is, it was located in the temperate rainforests of the northwest United States and western Canada and astonishingly enough it is “mushrooms”. Mycelium (plural mycelia) is the vegetative area of a fungus and is a mass of hyphae (thread like external stomachs that in a natural way web, conquer and keep alongside one another soils). Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of Mycelium, and Mycelium is a single of the oldest recognized plant organisms on earth earth. Mycelium have numerous attributes that are eerily related to individuals, it requires in and utilizes oxygen and expels carbon dioxide just as we do. It does not have chlorophyll but feeds on plants that create chlorophyll right from the sunlight just like we do. It breaks down rocks to utilize minerals they comprise to supplement its diet, and aids develop soils all more than the entire world (a Mycelium can type a colony as well tiny to see or be massively in depth). The largest organism in the earth in a Mycelium covering 2,400 acres in japanese Oregon, 1665 soccer fields in dimensions and 2,200 years previous. Mushroom-forming forest fungi mycelial mats are often massive and are right accountable for the growth of at any time more substantial stands of trees that develop into forests, and forest are a single of the issues on earth that retains us all alive. Mycelium is considerably more mature than the human race and has a extensive included knowledge with viruses equivalent to and immediately associated to the H1N1 and HIV, due to the fact these viruses also predate the human race and viruses attack fungus like Mycelium. Mycelium as a gateway species has adapted to viral invasion and is capable to protect by itself really very well. The achievement of its methods and counter actions can be noticed all about us, all soils on planet earth are secured by Mycelium. We as a race would have incredibly several meals or medications devoid of it, simply because it tends to make the nourishment of the the greater part of vegetation we consume and medicate ourselves with probable. The antiviral we want to efficiently combat H1N1, HIV and a host of other viruses will not be learned speedily in a laboratory but has now been developed by Mycelium all we want do is return to our authentic dwelling the forest and search beneath our feet. The quest we have been on to defeat or counteract these viruses has been side tracked by out ignorance, arrogant myopia, lack of vision and most of all by misinformation, disinformation and blatant concealment by the medical, pharmaceutical and health care multinational corporations. They certainly are informed of the opportunity of Mycelium but enabling the H1N1 and HIV carnage to carry on is a economically sound technique, just as it was for the witch medical professionals, faith healers, quacks and “snake oil” salesman of days long gone by.

The Agarikon mushrooms (the fruiting bodies of styles of Mycelium) is observed in the northern rainforests of northern California, Oregon, Washington point out and British Columbia. The boiled normal extract of 3 strains of Agarikon mushrooms unrefined in United States Division of Protection Bio-Defend Program scientific tests has confirmed to be a lot more helpful in opposition to viruses and vastly remarkable to than any antiviral now in use, employing the exact same dosage window. This research was done with the cooperation of a significant company which I will not identify in this short article since at minimum they tried to explore the truth of the matter about practical viral cures. Other drug and clinical organizations are aware of this study and have NOT recognized, discredited or turned down this analyze for the reason that that is the very best way to suppress any new overcome that is public document, just fake it does not exist and hope the public by in large stays unaware.

Conserving the old advancement forests which features all of the continue to present rainforest all throughout the planet is incumbent upon us all, due to the fact for each individual condition these forests have the cures treatment plans and responses. We should not make it possible for selfish company pursuits to ruin our most important weapon to beat the H1N1 and HIV viruses. We can no more time accept the healthcare and pharmaceutical multinational corporation’s phrase or frame of mind that maintains they have the only available treatment options and selections obtainable in stock and on their cabinets, when there is a more productive choice that actually operates. Their program is to continue the time worn custom of selling us “what is on the wagon” rather than what will truly make us perfectly once more, only because it is in inventory and they have entire regulate around its procurement, progress, production and distribution. It is a extremely unhappy commentary when the medicinal information of an aged Shaman is dismissed even though he possibly is carrying the mushrooms, vegetation, remedies and cures of the rainforest that can conserve life!