Loss on Drying Testing in Prescription drugs

Decline on drying is described as the decline of excess weight as percentage of w/w resulting from volatile substances and drinking water of any kind that can be pushed off below specified circumstances. This take a look at is finished on a combination of substances. If compound to be tested is in the type of massive particles then the sizes must be minimized by immediate crushing to a powder. The exam is to establish the drinking water articles and risky compound in a sample is uncovered to warmth. Reduction on drying is a procedure that has been utilized by many prescription drugs. There are distinctive methods of carrying out this test an d the technician chooses the most ideal a person relying on the substance staying tested.

To carry out the test, do the adhering to:

· Weigh a shallow weighing bottle that has been dried less than the identical ailments that will be utilized in the determination.

· Transfer to the dry bottle the quantity of the sample specified in the specific monograph.

· Include the bottle and correctly weigh it and the contents.

· Distribute the sample evenly by mild aspect clever shaking to a depth not exceeding 10 mm.

· Dry the material by inserting the bottle in the drying chamber

· Get rid of the stopper and depart it in the chamber.

· Dry the sample to continual weight.

· Open the drying chamber and close the bottle instantly and allow it to awesome to place temperature.

· Weigh the bottle and its contents.

The temperature at which you should expose the material to be analyzed is usually specified and will have to not be exceeded lest you get the erroneous outcomes. Each material has its particular heat degree.

Decline on drying screening in prescription drugs is a procedure of removing drinking water and other volatile impurities from a sample of properly-blended substance. the volume of heat applied on the compound is dependent on time and temperature.

Whole humidity written content of pharmaceutical merchandise can consist of the two certain and no cost water.

Exactly where there are impurities current then reduction on drying stage will be increased as as opposed to h2o material.

In some cases decline on drying level may be far reduce in contrast to the content of drinking water considering the fact that some drinking water molecules may possibly not be removed heating as in other procedures of analyzing reduction on drying does. To determine the percentage decline on drying, under is the system.

Percentage LOD = Proportion Water information – Percentage molecules of h2o in the API

1 must know the type of material being utilized prescription should be accurately recognised so as to ascertain how the experiment is carried out. For hydrate material, anhydrous content equivalent fat really should be calculated before currently being uncovered to heating. In scenario any dampness is specified on the certificate the pharmacy in advance of the material is made use of in reduction on drying experiment.


Loss on drying has been applied in quite a few pharmaceutical organizations to ascertain the focus of medications. These experiments are applied for testing to decide moisture present substances also. This experiment involves a ton of care and keenness for true outcomes to be discovered. Body weight need to be measured with non-faulty gadgets to assure the hold out is exact. Throughout heating, it need to be completed to completion to make confident to water is left.