Magnolia Bark: A Pure Alternative to Antidepressants?

Western drugs may possibly think about them different cure choices, but in China, regular cures reign supreme. For additional than 2000 years, the individuals of that land have depended on a broad variety of medication techniques to boost overall health and address condition. Recognised collectively as regular Chinese medicine (TCM), it features a variety of forms of natural medicine, physical exercise, acupuncture, and nutritional therapy. The most vital of the aforementioned is natural therapy, considering that it is concerned in the majority of treatments in TCM.

Chinese herbology

Just one of the world’s most advanced healthcare devices, there are more than 13,000 herbal solutions applied in China and about 100,000 recipes for them in the literature. The elements to combine these treatments are so preferred that the persons of China take in about one particular million lbs . of herbs every yr! In fact, a perfectly-stocked pharmacy in China would rival a person in the United States, with all around 450 various individual herbs for sale.

This information could possibly surprise the Western head, because herbal medicines are minimal far more than nutritional supplements to us. Only a couple popular names this sort of as ginseng, licorice root, Ginkgo biloba, and ginger are commonly offered in the States. The hundreds of other herbs that are applied in common Chinese medicine are usually significantly harder to come across. One of these names is magnolia bark.

What is magnolia bark?

Each and every the moment in awhile, People in america “find” a “new” Chinese herb that is purported to have medicinal houses. But because we know so tiny about Chinese herbology, these previously humble crops are generally endued with in the vicinity of supernatural powers by the people today peddling them. Such is the situation with magnolia bark, a regular Chinese medication that has been all around for nearly a millennium now. Stripped from the Magnolia officinalis tree that is indigenous to the mountains and valleys of China, this highly fragrant bark was traditionally utilized to reduce phlegm and decrease distension. But as its attractiveness has developed in the latest years, magnolia bark is now utilised to deal with a plethora of conditions, from weight problems to asthma and nervousness. The superior news is that historical herbal complement may basically supply on some of those people guarantees.


According to several on-line resources, magnolia bark can be applied to treat the pursuing ailments:

· Constipation

· Irritation

· Weight problems

· Melancholy

· Asthma

· Stress

· Menopause

· Sleeplessness

For anxiousness and melancholy

Like most natural medications, researchers have experienced a tough time screening magnolia bark for several of its alleged advantages. They have, however, finished a number of studies on its intended anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) qualities. The consensus is that magnolia bark is powerful at lowering anxiousness simply because of honokiol, a powerful bioactive compound uncovered in the bark of the Magnolia officinalis. In many scientific tests, honokiol compared favorably with diazepam (valium) in its capability to quell anxiousness without the need of a improve in motor exercise or muscle tone.

Another even more compelling examine examined each honokiol and magnolol, another bioactive compound uncovered in the bark of the magnolia tree. Due to the fact these constituents have been utilized to take care of mental disease in China for hundreds of years, researchers examined the pair in models of despair in rodents. The research crew described antidepressant-like effects when a mixture of honokiol and magnolol was administered orally to the rodents – in this scenario lab rats and mice. Devoid of acquiring as well specialized, the experts concluded that the mix of normal compounds decreased elevated corticosterone (a key tension hormone) stages in the anxious rodents.

While evidence is without a doubt growing to aid the regular use of magnolia bark for despair and nervousness as perfectly as improved rest, further research is wanted. What we can say with a pretty significant diploma of certainty, while, is that the pure bioactive compounds in the natural nutritional supplement appear to be the serious deal. They have demonstrated efficacy and basic safety in independent checks for treating all those particular diseases. Nevertheless, that does not signify that this standard Chinese medicine is a panacea, or even that it is efficient at treating the other ailments on our listing.

For everything else

Simply because it has stress-free traits, it appears that magnolia bark can alleviate some of the indications of menopause, including melancholy, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, and decline of libido. At least two printed studies on magnolia bark use in menopausal females corroborate that long-held perception. There is, nevertheless, scant proof that the Chinese herb can handle any of the other afflictions we enumerated before.

Facet effects

Despite the fact that it is a wholly purely natural solution, some consumers do practical experience undesirable aspect effects when using magnolia bark. Due to the fact it has sedative properties, the most common response is drowsiness, in particular when mixed with alcoholic beverages. Other reported issues include things like heartburn, shaking, headache, and vertigo. Whilst these facet effects only happen in a modest proportion of customers, they can bring about significant clinical concerns if overlooked. With that said, there is practically no proof that magnolia bark is solely dependable for the aforementioned problems. Soon after all, the traditional Chinese drugs has been properly utilised by thousands and thousands for virtually a millennium now.


Despite the fact that it has attracted a loyal adhering to of late, magnolia bark is not ginseng or Ginkgo biloba. It is not a dietary supplement that you can just decide on up at your neighborhood drug shop or grocery store. As a consequence, it is manufactured by a quantity of foreign organizations and is bought in a many kinds, together with capsule, powder, and tincture. Furthermore, the dosing instructions for these supplements are normally written in Chinese. It is not stunning then that some end users have had adverse effects to magnolia bark, since a lot of of them have no strategy how much of it they ought to be using.

Because it is offered in different varieties, we obviously are not able to explain to you how a lot of the health supplement you should ingest on a daily foundation. The very best assistance we can provide you is to appear for dosing directions on-line. There are a number of straightforward to obtain methods that deliver directions for both equally tablet and powdered kinds of the potent plant extract.


For the tens of tens of millions of Individuals who struggle with nervousness and despair on a each day basis, magnolia bark is an beautiful choice to prescription antidepressants. A single of the several organic supplements that has been subjected to in depth tests, all of the analysis that has been accomplished to day confirms that the traditional Chinese drugs has powerful strain-busting qualities. Safe and sound and economical, magnolia bark can be acquired from trustworthy sellers on the world-wide-web.